Media 2018

I was inspired by a number of folks (like Steven Soderbergh and Barack Obama) who share year-end lists, so I tried (once again) to record all my media consumption in 2018. I did a pretty good job. I’m sure I missed a few. I know for sure that many dates are incorrect, as I retroactively added a lot of entries. But all in all, the Movies, TV, and Books are fairly accurate.

I’m not ranking anything. My personal rating system appears that everything is basically a 7 out of 10. So there’s that.

Music I’m pulling from Spotify – which I only use about 1/3 of the time – so consider it incomplete.

I didn’t track any podcasts (until Downcast adds a capture setting).


Books 16

Movies 35

TV Shows 28

TV Episodes 297

Music Minutes 32,681*

*Spotify only


Books and movies are generally in order by the date I read or watched them. The TV shows are ordered alphabetically by series.  If it is listed twice, I watched it twice.


All Systems Red – Martha Wells
Leviathan Wakes – James S. A. Corey
Caliban’s War – James S.A. Corey
Altered carbon – Richard Morgan
Cloud Roads – Martha Wells
King’s of Infinite Space – James Haynes
Artificial Condition – Martha Wells
Skin tight – Carl Hiaasen
The Fifteen Lives of Harry August – Claire North
Rogue protocol – Martha Wells
The Death of the Necromancer – Martha Wells
We shall not sleep – Estep Nagy
Exit strategy – Martha Wells

City of Bones – Martha Wells
Touch – Claire North


Blade Runner
Last Jedi
LEGO Batman
Black panther
Thor ragnarok
Wrinkle in time
Star Wars
Black panther
Event horizon
Blade runner 2049
The infiltrator
Shaun of the dead
Incredible 2
Tomb raider
Crazy rich Asians
Devil wears Prada
The Goonies
Shape of water
Baby driver
Ant man & the wasp
Phantom thread
Near Dark
24 hour party people
Paddington 2
Harry Potter and chamber of secrets
Harry Potter and prisoners on Azkaban
Spiderman into the spiderverse
Home Alone
The Ballad of Buster Scruggs


Black Mirror: Bandersnatch


TV Shows

Altered Carbon
S1 E01 – E05

Babylon Berlin
S1 E01
S1 E02

S1 E01 – E08

Better Call Saul
S4 E01 – E10

S1 E01
S1 E02
S1 E03

Black Mirror
S4 E01 – USS Callister
S4 E02 – Arkangel
S4 E03 – Crocodile
S4 E04 – hang the DJ
S4 E06 – Metal Head
S4 E04 – Black museum
S4 E01 – USS Callister

S1 E01 – E13
S2 E01 – E03

Bobs Burgers
S9 E01

S1 E01 – E04

S1 E01 – E10

Chef’s Table
S4 E01
S4 E02

101 – 110

David Letterman: My Next Guest Needs No Introduction
Barack Obama
George Clooney

Dirty Money
S1 E01 – E05

Electric Dreams
S1 E01
S1 E02

TV Shows Cont.

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee
S2 E30 – E33
S3 E01 – E30

Great British Baking Show
S0 E01 – E10
S1 E01 – E10
S2 E01 – E10

Halt and Catch Fire
S1 E01 – E10
S2 E01 – E10
S3 E01 – E10
S4 E01 – E10

S1 E01 – E07

Last OG
S1 E01

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver
S05 E01 – E30

Lost In Space
S1 E01 – E10

Mind of a Chef
S5 E1
S5 E2

Schitt’s Creek
S1 E01 – E13
S2 E01 – E12
S3 E01 – E09

S1 E01 – E10

The Expanse
S3 E03
S3 E04
S3 E05

The Fourth Estate
S1 E01

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan
S1 E01 – E08




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I had all the data, so I plugged it into Zoho Analytics for fast data visualization (Google sheets Explorations are pretty helpful and fun too). The embedded visualizations on the next page don’t display well on mobile devices. Also, these are very focused on minutes because that is what the program picked up on and  I did not do a lot of customizations.

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My Top 100 Songs on Spotify

Yes, the kids hijacked my feed on a few. But overall a good solid shoegazing year.