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Once again, I tried to record all my media consumption for 2019. I did a pretty good job. I’m sure I missed a bunch. I know for sure that many dates are incorrect, as I retroactively fixed a lot of entries – especially for TV where I know I saw a whole season but didn’t record it. But all in all, the Movies, TV, and Books are fairly accurate.

Music I tried to shift more of my personal listening to Spotify in 2019, but I still listen to Google Play when I’m reading or writing, because they have better electronic stations.

I still haven’t track any podcasts (until Downcast adds a capture setting). But this year I put a list of some of my favorites.


Music Minutes

I didn’t get my stats in time.



Books and movies are generally in order by the date I read or watched them. The TV shows are ordered alphabetically by series.  If it is listed twice, I watched it twice.


The Witch Elm – Tana French
The Spy and The Traitor – Ben Macintyre
Sabrina – Nick Drnaso
Zone One – Colson Whitehead
City of Devils: The Two Men Who Ruled the Underworld of Old Shanghai – Paul French
Luna – Ian MacDonald
River of Gods – Ian McDonald
Say Nothing: True Story of Murder and Memory in Northern Ireland – Patrick Radeon Keefe
In the Woods – Tana French
The Book of Formation – Ross Simonini
The Secrets We Keep: a novel – Lara Prescott
Her Majestic Embrace – Adi Tantimedh
The Menace From Farside – Ian McDonald
Broken Harbor – Tana French

(looks like I went all in a couple of authors this year)


Escape Room
The matrix
Lego Movie 2
Spider-Man into the Spider erse
Alita: Battle Angel
The Highway Men
Mary Poppins
The karate kid
Mr. Hulot’s Holiday
John wick
The Dark Crystal
A bigger splash
Tou story 4
Hidden figures
Dark knight
Pulp Fiction
Captain Marvel
Making of Dark Crystal Age of Resistance
Downton Abbey
Ad Astra
Spiderman far from home
Won’t you be my neighbor
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Mission Impossible: Fallout
The Irishman
Home alone
Princess Mononoke
The Laundromat
Star Wars: Last Skywalker
Little Women




TV Shows

2 Dope Queens
S2 E02 – E03

30 Rock
A few episodes.

A Discovery of Witches
S1 E01 – E08

Another Life
S1 E05 – E09

Aziz Ansari – Netflix

S2 E01 – E08

Black Mirror
S3 E01 – E02

Broad City
S5 E01 – E04

Carnival Row
S1 E1

S2 E01 – E10

S1 E01 – E12
S2 E01 – E12
S3 E01 – E12

Documentary Now
S3 E01 – E03

Downton Abbey
S1 E02 – E03

S1 E01 – E03

Game of Thrones
S7 E05 – E08
S8 E01 – E06

Golden Globes

Great American Baking Show
S1 E01 – E03

Great British Baking Show
S3 E03 – E10
S4 E01 – E09

Jack Ryan
S1 E01

Killing Eve
S1 E01 – E08

Last Week Tonight: With John Oliver
All of them


TV Shows Cont.

Lost In Space
S2 E01 – E08

2 episodes

S1 E01 – E03

Rick and Morty
S4 E01 – E04

Russian Doll
S1 Finale

Samantha Bee
All of them.

Schitt’s Creek
S3 E01, E5, E7, E8
S4 E01 – E12

Star Trek: Discovery
S02 E01 – E14

State of the Union

Stranger Things
S3 E01 – E08

S1 E01 – E10
S2 E01 – E10

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance
S1 E01- E10

The Good Place
Most of them

The Mandalorian
S1 E01 – E08

The Watchmen
S1 E01 – E08

Umbrella Academy
S1 E01 – E10

S1 E01 – E08

S2 E06 – E07
S3 E01 – E08
S7 E01 – E07

WB Coyote and Road Runner Cartoons

I’m definitely seeing some strange lapses in this, but you know.



Take A Deeper Dive

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Not an exhaustive list, and not in any ranked order. Here are some that I listened to throughout the year.

The Daily – New York Times

Post Reports – Washington Post

Imaginary Worlds

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The Dave Chang Show




Gotta take the music with a grain of salt. My login is used on Sonos, and in the car and gets hijacked by the kids frequently. #algorithmkiller

It would appear that the car hours of listening to the Into the Spiderverse soundtrack are weighing heavily on the list.