2020 – What I Read, Watched, and Listened To



TV Shows

TV Episodes

I did a lot less cleanup on this data this year because…2020. I think I was pretty good at logging, maybe not all the episodes of certain shows.

Music Google finally abandoned the Google Play music platform and switched to YouTube music. While I was able to shift my personal library, all the great stations I used to listen to on Google Play were gone or filled with commercials (free music has to be ad-supported, but I pay for a lot of other music platforms), so that drove me back to Spotify – which I still don’t really like, but continue to subscribe to. Once again, with my Spotify account being used in the car and Sonos at home, the stats are not my own.

It would appear that my bad dad-joke of playing Gotta Get Up by Harry Nilsson, made it to the top spot on the list. 🙂

Books and movies are generally in order by the date I read or watched them. The TV shows are ordered alphabetically by series.  If it is listed twice, I watched it twice.


AGENCY – William Gibson
Murderbot Series: Artificial Condition – Martha Wells
Murderbot Series: Rogue Protocol – Martha Wells
Avatars Inc: Porcelain Claws in Cinnamon Earth
Avatars Inc: A Mountain To Climb
Avatars Inc: Bounty
Avatars Inc: In The Lands of the Spill
Avatars Inc: Harmony
Avatars Inc: Over Burden
Avatars Inc: The Ulgrieb Case
Dune – Frank Herbert
Network Effect – Martha Wells
White Fragility – Robin Diangelo
Rise and Kill First – Ronen Berggman
How to be an Antiracist – Ibram X Kendi
Burning Chrome – William Gibson
The Witch Who Came in From the Cold
The Pursuit of William Abbey – Claire Borth
Runtime – S.B. Divya


Mr Hulot’s Holiday
The 400 Blows
Patcher Panchali
The Bicycle Thieves
Until The End of the World
What we do in the shadows (movie)
Certified Copy
Percy jackson: sea of monsters
National Treasure
Star Wars: Episode IV
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
Jurassic Park
John Mulaney netflix specia
The Old Guard
Pom Poko
Palm Springs
Sleeping beauty
Jojo Rabbit
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
Terminator: dark fate
Men In Black
Lilo & Stitch
Fighting With My Family
Defending you life
Enola Holmes
The Little Mermaid
The Bad and the Beautiful
Over the moon
Romeo and Juliet
Lord of the Rings
Lord of the Rings
Star Trek
Lord of the Rings
Wolf Walkers
The nutcracker suite
Lego Star Wars
Wonder Woman: 1984
Mon Oncle
Midnight sky


Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt


TV Shows

Alien Worlds
S1 E1

Amazing Stories
S1 E1

Avenue 5
S1 E1 – E8

S1 E1 – E6

Better Things
S2 E1 – E10
S3 E1 – E10


Blood of Zeus
S1 E1 – E8

Carnival Row
S1 E1 – E2

S1 E1 – E5

Central Park
S1 E1 – E8

S1 E5

S1 E1 E4

Cowboy Bebop
S1 E1 – E2 (dub)

Curb your Enthusiasm
2 Episodes

S1 E1 – 10

Dino Hunters
S1 E1

S1 E1 – E2

S2 E1

Get Shorty
S1 E1 – E4

Ghost Writer
S1 E1 – E10

S1 E1 – E3

Great British Baking Show
C8 E1 – E10

High Fidelity
S1 E1 – E8

High Maintenance
S4 E1 – E5

Home Before Dark
S1 E1 – E10

I may Destroy You
S1 E1 – E10

Jack Ryan
S2 E3 – E6

Johnathan Strange & Mr Norrel
S1 E1 – E6

Last Kids On Earth
S1 E1

Last Week Tonight: With John Oliver
All Episodes this season

Legends of the New Monkey
S1 E1 – E3

Lost In Space
S1 E2 – E3

Lovecraft Country
S1 E1 – E10

Lower Decks
S1 E1 – E10

Making of The Mandalorian

Mrs America
S1 E1 – E10

Muppet Show
S1 E1

Nadiya Time to Eat
S1 E1 – E4

Never Have I Ever
S1 E1 – E10

Our Boys
S1 E1 – E10

S1 E1 – E10

Pottery Throwdown
S 1 E1 – E5

Presidential Debate
Embarrassing Shit Show

Queens Gambit
S1 E1 – E8

Raised by Wolves
S1 E1 – E10

Rick and Morty
S4 E4 – E5

S1 E1 – E4

S1 E1

Samantha Bee
All Episodes this Season

Saturday night live
Many of them

Schitt’s Creek
S6 E1 – E12

Shaun the Sheep
S5 E6

Small Axe
Lovers Rock

Solar Opposites
S1 E1 – E4

Space Force
S1 E1 – E2

Star Trek: Discovery
S2 E1 – E14
S3 E1 – E10

Tales from the Loop
S1 E1 – E2

Taste the Nation with Padma Lakshmi
S1 E1 – E10

Ted Lasso
S1 E1 – E10

The Big Flower Fight
S1 E2

The Boys
S2 E1 – E8

The Daily Show – Trevor Noah
A couple episodes

The Expanse
S4 E1 – E10

The floor is Lava
S1 E1 – E3

The Great
S1 E1

The Mandalorian
S1 E1 – E8
S2 E1 – E8

The Midnight Gospel
S1 E1 – E8

Trigger Warning with Killer Mike
S1 E3 – E6

Truth Seekers
S1 E1 – E8

We Are The Champions
S1 E1 – E2

S3 E1 – E5

What We Do In The Shadows (tv)
S1 E1 – E10

I’m definitely seeing some strange lapses in this, but you know, record keeping.



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Podcast listening dropped to nothing when I stopped commuting in March. The location of where I watch/read/listened to media is pretty evident – home (maybe if I revisit this, I’ll make a comparison of places from 2019 – 2020).  At the bottom of the page is a list of podcasts I did find time to listen to, and some of my favorites, including the incredibly cool, Forest 404.

These Are Great Audio Dramas I listened to:


The Lovecraft Investigations

I listened to a few of these in 2020 after March 13th lockdown began.

The Daily – New York Times

Imaginary Worlds

Every Little Thing

The Dave Chang Show


The rest of these are all still in the queue waiting to be enjoyed when driving and commuting begin again:

Post Reports – Washington Post

Reply All

Wow in the World

Code Switch

The Business

The Allusionist

Here’s The Thing with Alec Baldwin