The Gatecrashers

More About The Gatecrashers

The Project

The Gatecrashers is a near future scifi universe and comic series created by Zachary Mortensen. The Gatecrashers launched, to critical acclaim, as a comic series and website and landed on both Bleeding Cool and The Village Voice ‘Best Of the Year’ lists. Ghost Robot is publishing the comic series independently and currently developing the IP for film, TV, Games and VR.

“Zachary Mortensen’s whip-smart plot interweaves corporate terrorism with street-level heroics.”
– R.C. Baker // The Village Voice

The World

Palomar City is a tightly-packed, overpopulated American mega-city, with each neighborhood (or district) an autonomous city-state. Imagine New York City jam-packed with 36 million people – roughly the population of Canada – with physical walls separating the Upper East Side, Midtown, and Greenwich Village. Ambulances, known on the streets as “sleds,” operate like city cabs. Rented for twelve-hour shifts, sleds are run by a two-person freelance medic crew that gets paid for every body, or “drop,” that reaches a hospital. Special traffic lanes are dedicated to emergency vehicles throughout the city so that travel between the walled districts is unrestricted through each district’s gate, a system that is revered and protected by everyone, from the most corrupt city politician to the most beneficent crime lord. The need for speed and the daredevil skills to navigate the city have earned the sled teams their nickname – The Gatecrashers.

Working with Eisner Award nominated artist, Sutu, and producer Diana Williams, Mortensen is crafting multiple story lines in this multi-layered world. The first series is “A Night of Gatecrashing” and all available issues are currently collected in two books.

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