2022 – What I Read, Watched and Listened To



TV Shows

TV Episodes

2022 Felt like it was over in the blink of an eye. After looking back at the last few years of reports, I decided I wanted to get back to more specificity. So I tried to clean up the numbers a lot more and made a more detailed breakdown in the media list. In 2023 I plan to add museums and cultural events to the list – dropping that mention here for accountability… 🙂

I got covid in June, and TV watching spiked.

As usual, I don’t list favorites or ratings (I keep ratings, but most everything lands in the 6 – 8 out of 10, so it’s not very helpful). 

Music – Kids’ music still hits the top 5, but you know, We Don’t Talk About Bruno. Music is still a poor representation because I still bounce across multiple platforms. Apple Music on my phone. Spotify on the home system. I mostly listen to DJ sets on Youtube while writing on the weekends (that’s about 4 – 6 hours). 

Generally in alphabetical order. 


The City Born Great – N. K. Jemisin
Hammers on Bone – Cassandra Khaw
A Memory Called Empire  – Arkady Martine

Piranesi – Susanne Clarke
Pachinko – Lee Min-jin
Just Kids – Patti Smith
The Space Between Worlds – Micaiah johnson
Empire of the Summer Moon – S. C. Gwynne
The Book Of the Most Precious Substance – Sarah Gran
All Systems Red – Martha Wells


Under the Mask: boba fett doc
Bullet Train
Top Gun Maverick
Marcel The Shell With Shoes On
Sonic The Hedgehog 2
Ghostbusters afterlife
Red panda
Free Guy
The Batman
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
Nightmare Alley
The Alpinist
We Feed People
Tony Hawk: until the wheels fall off
The Trip to Greece
The Dungeon Masters
The French Dispatch
Clash of the Titans
Kiki’s Delivery Service
Last duel
Downton Abbey: a new era
Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers
Inside Out
Bob’s Burgers Movie
Adam Project
Dr Strange and Multiverse of Madness
Spiderman: No away Home
The Menu
Thor: Love and Thunder
Kids in the Hall Doc
Everything Everywhere All at Once


Nothing this year.


TV Shows

Abbot Elementary
S1 | E1 – E8

S2 | E1 – E11

S1 | E1 – E12
Another Life
S2 | E8 – E10
S3 | E1 – E10
S4 | E1 – E10
Avenue 5
S2 | E1
S3 | E1 – E10
S1 | E1 – E6
S2 | E1 – E6
Better Call Saul
S 5 | E1 – E6
S 6 | E1 – E13
Black Lady Sketch Comedy Show
S3 E6
Black Mirror
1 episode
Boba Fett
S1 | E1 – E5
Central Park
S3 | E1 – E3
Chefs Table: Pizza
E1 – E6
Cowboy Bebop
S1 | E5
Derry Girls 
S2 | E1 – E3
S1 | E1
For All Mankind
S1 | E1 – E10
S2 | E1 – E10
S3 | E1 – E10
S1 E1
S3 E7 & 8
Great British Baking Show jr. edition
1 episode
Guardians of the Galaxy – Christmas Special
S2 | E1 – E8
S1 | E1
S1 | E1 – E8
S1 | E1 – E4
Last Week Tonight: With Jon Oliver
A few episodes
Life and Beth
S1 | E1 – E10 (don’t have them all logged, but I think I watched them all)
S1 | E1 – E10
Lower Decks
S3 | E1 – E8
Moon Knight
S1 | E1 – E8
Ms Marvel
S1 | E1 – E6
Mythic Quest
S1 | E6
S3 | E1 – E5
S1 | E1 – E3
Obi Wan Kenobi 
S1 | E1 – E6
Our Flag Means Death
S1 | E1 – E10
S2 | E1 – E3
Raised by Wolves
S2 | E1 – E8
S1 | E1 – E8
Rick and Morty
S5 | E1 – E7
Ring of Power
S1 | E1 – E8
S1 E1
Saturday Night Live
A couple of episodes
S1 | E1 – E9
She Hulk
S1 | E1 – E3-ish
Silent Sea
S1 | E1 – E8
Slow Horses
S1 | E1 – E6
Somebody Somewhere
S1 | E1 – E6
Song Exploder
Dua Lipa Episode
Star Trek: Discovery
S4 – E8 – E10
Star Trek: Strange New Worlds
S1 | E1 – E10
Station Eleven
S1 | E1 – E10
Take Out with Lisa Ling
S1 | E1 – E3
The After Party
S1 | E1
The Bear
S1 | E1 – E8
The Boys
S3 | E1 – E8
The Essex Serpent
S1 | E1 – E3
The Expanse
S6 | E1 – E6
The Gilded Age
S1 | E1 – E6
The Peripheral
S1 | E1 – E8
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt  & The Good Place
Seemingly always on in my house
S1 E1
S1 | E1 – E8
S4 | E1 – E3
What We Do In The Shadows
S4 | E1 – E10
White House Correspondents Dinner
White Lotus
S1 | E1 – E2
S2 | E1 – E8
S1 | E1 – E4
S2 E3


Take A Deeper Dive

Rollover the graphs and expand to explore the data further. Click on individual graph data points and drill down by more criteria.

Certain data sets also allow for customizing and changing the graph type.

The new data point for 2022 – Who I watched media with.

My wife, my kids, my in-laws, and just solo. Sorry friends, we didn’t seem to watch anything together in 2022!! Maybe time to get the AV Club back together.


I’m back to commuting to the office 3 – 5 days a week. So podcasts are back. And I’m better for it.

One Notable Audio Drama I listened to:

Impact Winter


These are still in my queue, but I don’t get to them often:

Post Reports – Washington Post

Code Switch

The Allusionist

99% Invisible