2023 – What I Read, Watched Listened To, and Visited



TV Shows

TV Episodes

As usual, I don’t list favorites or ratings (I keep ratings, but most everything lands in the 6 – 8 out of 10, so it’s not very helpful – a couple of 1s this year). 

This year I tried to add Museums and Cultural Events. I didn’t take the time to build a good database for them, so they’re a bit haphazardly recorded. But I’m glad to include them. I went to some great museums this year.

Music – No way to track this effectively anymore. My listening is spread across too many services to make it relevant. I usually listen to DJ sets on YouTube while I’m writing and world-building. I listen to Podcasts on Downcast. I bounce between Apple Music and Spotify for run-of-the-mill listening, both are mediocre experiences. And the king of the algorithm is still Pandora for set-it-and-forget-it streams. But my top internet music stations are on SomaFM.com

Here’s a handful of DJs, Clubs, and labels I go to for long sets.

Nora En Pure
Miss Monique
The Concourse Project
Boiler Room
Arte Concert


Generally in alphabetical order. 


Trust – Hernan Diaz
Sunshine Noir – Collection of Short Stories
Antimatter – Frank Close
Meru – S.b Divya
The Salt Grows Heavy – Cassandra Khaw
Cod – Mark Kurlansky
Compulsory: A Murderbot Story – Martha Wells (short story)
The Witch King – Martha Wells
Faith Hope and Carnage – Nick Cave & Sean O’Hagen
Siren Queen – Nghi Vo
System Collapse – Martha Wells
Neuromancer – William Gibson
Tomorrow, Tomorrow, and Tomorrow – Gabrielle Zevin


[in order of viewing]

Puss in boots: the last wish
Breakfast Club
The Big Lebowski
Wendel and Wild
Making of Wakanda forever
Particle Fever
Everything Everywhere All at once
The loneliest Whale
Dungeons & Dragons: Honor of Thieves
Spider-Man into the Spiderverse
John Mulaney: baby j
Guardians of the Galaxy 3
Moonage Daydream
Glass Onion
Clarence and Ginny Thomas
Dark Star
Electric Dreams
Indian Jones and the Dial of Destiny
Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning
Mama Mia!
The Secret of Kells
Pre Wee’s Big Adventure
Peggy Sue Got Married
Astroid City
14 Peaks
Haunted Mansion
Pride & Prejudice
Shaun of the Dead
William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet
Pigeon Tunnel
Hunger Games 2
Escape from New York
Mike Berbiglia: old man and the pool
Little Women
Home alone


Louisana | Denmark

  • Ragnar Kjaransson Retrospective
  • Yahoi Kusama
  • Permanent Collection

The Walker | Minneapolis, MN

  • Pacita Abad
  • Allan Sekula
  • Permanent Collection

MoMA | New York, NY

  • Ed Ruscha

The Met | New York, NY

  • Permanent Collection

The Philadelphia Museum of Art | Philadelphia, PA

  • Permanent Collection

TV Shows

Abbot Elementary
S2 | E1 – E22
S1 | E1 – E9 – [rewatch]

S4 | E1 – E8

S2 | E1 – E3

S1 | E1 – E10
Black lady skwtch comedy
S2 | E1
Black Mirror
S6 | E1 – E4
Cunk on Earth
S2 | E1
Cyberpunk (anime)
S1 | E1
Dead Ringers
S1 | E1 – E1
Drops of God
S1 | E1 – E8
S1 | E1 – E11
For All Mankind
S4 | E1 – E8
S2 | E1 – E10
S3 | E7
Go Fur Gold
S1 | E1
Great British Baking Show
S14 | E1 – E10
S1 | E1 – E7
History of The World Part 2
S1 | E1 – E8
S1 | E1 – E2
Jack Ryan
S3 | E1 – E8
S1 | E1 – E2
Last Of Us
S1 | E1 – E9
Last Week Tonight: With John Oliver
1 episode
S2 | E1 – E2
S1 | E1 – E8
Mrs America
S1 | E1
Mrs Davis
S1 | E1 – E8
Mythic Quest
1 Episode
National Treasure (tv)
S1 | E1 – E10
Never Have I Ever
S4 | E1 – E10
Our Flag Means Death
S2 | E1 – E8
S1 | E1 – E6
Party Down
S4 | E1 – E5
Peaky Blinders
S1 | E1 – E6
Percy Jackson (tv)
S1 | E1 – E3
S3 | E1 – E10
Planet Earth
S2 | E1
S1 | E1 – E6
S1 | E1 – E9
S1 | E1 – E10
S1 | E1 – E10
Slow Horses
S2 | E1 – E6
S3 | E1 – E5
S1 | E1 – E4
Somebody Somewhere
S2 | E1 – E3
Special Ops: Lioness
S1 | E1
Star Trek: Lower Decks
S4 | E1 – E10
Star Trek: Strange New Worlds
S2 | E1 – E10
S4 | E1 – E10
S1 | E1 – E3
The Bear
S2 | E1 – E10
The Curse
S1 | E1
The Diplomat
S1 | E1 – E8
The Gilded Age
S1 | E5 – E8
S2 | E1 – E8
The Mandalorian
S3 | E1 – E8
The Offer
S1 | E7 – E10
Twilight Zone
30,000 ft
1 episode (rewatch)
What We Do In The Shadows (tv)
S5 | E1 – E10
Willow [tv]
S1 | E5 – E8
Years and Years
S1 | E1 – E6


Nothing this year.



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In 2023, I commuted to the office 4 – 5 days a week. So the podcasts are part of the mix. But it was mostly news.

One Notable Audio Drama I re-listened to:

Impact Winter


These are still in my queue, but I don’t get to them often:

Monocle on Culture

Monocle on Design

The NY Phil Story: Made in NY

Bowery Boys History of NY

Search Engine

Behind the Bastards

The Business KCRW

Confessions of a Creative Director [episode with me]

Allan McKay [episode with me]

Founder Hustle

Post Reports – Washington Post

99% Invisible